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International Conference on Bear Research and Management

International Conference on Bear Research and Management

What a wonderful surprise! Instead of coming across a fossil while surfing at the office, this morning I found this conference that will be held in Thessaloniki this fall. It regards the interactions of humans and bears, and the conservation of species in today’s industries and economies. It also comprises a field trip to one of the most beautiful villages in Greece, Nymfaio, where ex-captive bears live (in the forest nearby).

Nymfaio village

Nymfaio village

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Eurasian otter

One of the first videos of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) marking its territory in lake Heimaditida (Greece). It is one of the most endangered species of Europe (and Asia), and a marker for clean environments. The video is provided by Arcturos, an organization that started studying greek otters a short while ago.

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