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A Safe Haven for Wild Birds

A Safe Haven for Wild Birds

People will go crazy during the “hunting periods”, wether they’re legal or not. Some of them even think that hunting can be qualified as a part of natural selection since they claim that it is the fittest who survive – it’s more of a struggle for life really. Several locations in Greece are very well known for being visited by birds during the spring, that come from the Saharan desert to rest before they reach parts of Northern Europe to reproduce.

I found this campaign this morning, that should do a major job for limiting and reducing illegal hunting in the Ionian Islands. Please take a minute to look at it and share (click on the title of this post).

Did you know that every spring wild birds make a courageous thousands of kilometers journey in order to migrate with almost no stops to sleep, rest, feed or drink?

Did you know that a significant percentage of them never make it to their destination due to exhaustion and starvation?

Did you know that, every spring, the birds that survive to land in the most beautiful stop over sites in Greece, the Ionian islands, get shot and never reach Northern Europe in order to reproduce?

Did you know that hunting during spring has been banned since 1985, but it is still not properly enforced in Greece?

Well… If you help us raise sufficient funds for our “A Safe Ηaven for Wild Birds” campaign you and thousands of others will find out and put this illegal and catastrophic activity where is belongs: in the past!


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