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Global warming by Iain Stewart

As a fan of Iain Stewart I’m trying to keep up with his series and documentaries usually by looking for them on youtube. This is how I came across 3 episodes on global warming. It is made very clear how and why the temperature of our planet is rising, the methods that the scientists use for the measurments are also presented.
The first episode shows how specialists came to the conclusion that the earth is getting a little bit warmer, more like a historical review, and the methodological process that led to that conclusion. It is easy to understand the causes and consequences of global warming but it seems to me that it is a bit exagerated as far as the extent of it is concerned as well as Man’s part of responsability of the phenomenon.


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2 thoughts on “Global warming by Iain Stewart

  1. Yiannis Issaris on said:

    US Secretary of Energy resigns, and writes of the “moral responsibility” of the US state for action…

  2. Interesting article, but it seems to me, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that climate change is confused with orther phenomena. For example, more frequent hurricanes and such natural disasters are not necesseraly a consequence of climate change per se, but a consequence of change of a local climate. An extreme example of this is the desertification caused by the drought of the Aral sea, where the local climate has totaly been modified and natural disasters of greater amplitude are taking place. What I mean to say is that humans are greatly responsible for many catastrophes of the natural world, but not that responsible for the rise of the mean temperature of the planet…

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